Guns on campus bill gets hearing today

February 03, 2012

A measure that would allow some guns on university and community college campuses will get its first hearing today at the state capitol. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: The bill would apply only to people who hold concealed weapons permits, and would allow the schools to ban guns on campus if they provide storage lockers in each building. ASU President Michael Crow and U of A President Eugene Sander have both come out in opposition to the proposal, as has the Chancellor of the Maricopa Community College District. In a statement, Crow calls it “a misguided attempt to increase school safety without a shred of evidence to support the assumption that schools are safer if students are armed.” Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a similar measure last year, saying it was too vague. That bill would have applied to any gun owner, and would have allowed firearms on public rights-of-way. Senator Ron Gould, who sponsored that bill, and this year’s version, has said he believes he’s addressed the governor’s concerns.

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