Shooting At LAX Leaves Passengers Stranded At Sky Harbor Airport

By Alexandra Olgin
Published: Friday, November 1, 2013 - 5:13pm
(Photo by Al Macias-KJZZ)
An airplane taking off from Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.

The shooting at Los Angeles International Airport’s Terminal 3 Friday morning left many travelers stuck in Phoenix.

A Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport spokesperson said 10 flights in route to LAX were diverted to Phoenix, seven from Phoenix to LA were delayed and seven were cancelled.  

Passenger Christina Anastasiou was on a flight headed to LAX this morning, and her plane was diverted to Phoenix. She said the passengers were told the flight was grounded indefinitely.

“Yeah so they didn’t really have a definite time, so we were not really sure. Some people were actually planning on driving to L.A.,” Anastasiou said. 

Anastasiou said although it is frustrating being stuck in Phoenix, she is relieved she was not at LAX during the shooting. Some flights from Phoenix headed to LAX finally did depart on Friday in the late afternoon.

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