Valley Authorities Warn Consumers To Avoid Fake Super Bowl Souvenirs

By Steve Shadley
Published: Monday, January 19, 2015 - 5:05am
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(Steve Shadley/ KJZZ News)
Some fake football jerseys from previous Super Bowl Games confiscated by Customs Officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
(Steve Shadley/ KJZZ News)
Assistant Phoenix Police Chief Dave Harvey (at the podium) and Phoenix Police spokesman Trent Crump at a news briefing at police headquarters.
(Steve Shadley/ KJZZ News)
A collection of counterfeit NFL gear confiscated by Customs Officials with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security on display at Phoenix Police headquarters.

Local and federal authorities are increasing patrols in search of counterfeit merchandise connected to the Super Bowl. They’re warning consumers to be aware of fake NFL souvenirs and sportswear.

Only a few weeks in front of the big game, Phoenix and Glendale police along with federal customs agents are on the lookout for counterfeit goods being sold at flea markets, street corners and online. 

Homeland Security Investigator Matthew Allen said a lot of the stuff comes from overseas, mostly Asia, but some of it will be made right here in Arizona by people looking to make some quick cash.

“It could be somebody working in their garage with a screen printer, once we find out who the two teams are playing in the Super Bowl," Allen said. "You’ll have pop-up operations that are actually screen printing merchandise locally to meet the demand of the local market that will develop for that."

He said more than $850,000 in fake purses, sun glasses, sneakers and football jerseys were confiscated in the Valley last year. Allen said buyers should look for the official NFL hologram sticker to make sure items are authentic.