Bill proposed to ban bargaining with public employee unions

February 01, 2012

State senator Rick Murphy explains why he supports bills that make it illegal for government agencies to collectively bargain with employee groups. Sheri Van Horsen, president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees explains why she thinks this legislation is bad for Arizona.

Murphy says that government employee salaries have gotten to a point where we need to reexamine how we do things. He says the status quo is not something that can be perpetuated for very much longer. He says that the build up of inefficiencies in private and public sectors need to be purged for economic growth to begin.  Van Horsen says politicians are trying to score political points at the expense of middle-class families. She says they need to find solutions for real issues that Arizonans are facing, and waking sleeping giants before the 2012 election cycle will only earn them a fight.

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