Disbarment recommended for former County Attorney Andrew Thomas

January 31, 2012

The Independent Bar Counsel investigating ethics charges against former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas his recommending disbarment. It’s now up to a review panel to issue an order. KJZZ’s AL Macias reports.

The findings are the last step in the months-long investigation against Thomas and two of his former deputy attorneys. According to the independent counsel John Gleason, all three lawyers caused immense damage to the legal system.

The three are accused of pursuing baseless criminal cases against county officials. They say they were investigating alleged crimes.

Gleason says the attorneys have not expressed any remorse for their actions or taken responsibility. He says they must be sanctioned to protect the public. If the review panel upholds the recommendations, Thomas would be disbarred as would former deputy county attorney Lisa Aubuchon. A suspension has been recommended for former deputy county attorney Rachel Alexander. The hearing panel is expected to decide within 30 days.

Read the Independent Bar Counsel's report

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