Golfers Now Banned From Throwing Items To Fans At Phoenix Open

By Al Macias
Published: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 - 6:08pm

Big changes are coming to this year’s Phoenix Open and it has nothing to do with what’s taking place on the course.

Players and caddies will be prohibited from throwing, kicking or otherwise propelling items into the crowd on the 16th hole. That’s the official word from the PGA.

The PGA said the new rule is aimed at fan safety. In recent years, players have tossed caps and other souvenirs into the large crowds around the 16th green.

What got the tour's attention was golfer Padraig Harrington kicking a football into the stands. That's now forbidden.

Tour officials said they were concerned about fans diving for the swag.

The PGA said the notice would be posted at the TPC course in Scottsdale, in the tent, on the tee boxes before a player starts his round and even on the electronic scoreboard on the 16th hole.

Players can still hand things to people in the stands, but tossing items into the crowds is not allowed. No word on what the penalty might be for violating the ban.