Maryvale Charter School Partners With ASU For College Prep

By Casey Kuhn
Published: Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 1:39pm
Updated: Tuesday, April 16, 2019 - 1:41pm

Arizona State University is working with a Phoenix charter school network to help students be college-ready.

The collaboration centers around an ASU employee working with the families monthly at Maryvale Preparatory Academy, run by Great Hearts charter schools.

The program coordinator will help explain ASU’s college prep services and financial aid.

Marcelino Quiñonez is ASU’s director of educational outreach and partnerships.

“All of these programs are geared towards helping first-generation students understand that there’s a path for them or their families to pursue a college degree in their lifetime,” he said.

He said the partnership formed after a tour of the new Maryvale campus.

“That community is working really hard, and I think Maryvale Prep is doing a nice job of galvanizing them and encouraging student success, so that’s why this partnership works,” he said.

ASU has similar partnerships with Phoenix, Tempe, Mesa, Tolleson and Glendale school districts.