Some Voting Laws Will Be Decided By Voters

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 11:27am

Arizona voters will get a chance to decide whether to overturn some new state voting regulations. 

The Secretary of State’s Office says there are more than enough petition signatures to put the issue on the ballot. It would make it a crime for volunteers to collect ballots and allows early voter rolls to be purged of those who continually fail to mail in their ballots. 

Referendum spokesman Robbie Sherwood says the measure would stop what backers see as a power play by elected officials.

“To make criminals out of, out of campaign volunteers, or to ah, scheme a system so that third parties can’t get on the ballot or to try to prevent initiatives from getting on the ballot,” Sherwood said.

By certifying the measure for the ballot, Sherwood says the Secretary of State’s Office has put the law, passed earlier this year, on hold.

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