Coconino County Cuts Snow Plowing In Unincorporated Areas

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Wednesday, October 30, 2013 - 11:06am

Coconino County will save money this winter by cutting back on plowing snow.

Drivers who travel roads outside cities and towns in the county are likely to find them more snow-covered this year. 

The Arizona Daily Sun says the more selective snowplowing could save Coconino County $500,000. The county spent about $2 million cleaning the roads last winter.

Officials say the county will hold off on plowing roads in the unincorporated areas, until there’s a plowable amount of snow. In the past it had begun plowing as soon as the snow began to fall.

That meant dozens of people were deployed to put as many as 17 snowplows on the roads during a large-scale storm.

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