Time running out to register for Presidential Primary Election

January 27, 2012

People who want to cast a ballot in Arizona’s presidential primary don’t have much longer to get registered as a voter. By law, voters must be registered 29 days in advance, which means that Monday, Jan. 30 is the deadline.

Only voters registered as members of the Republican and Green parties will be eligible to participate in the Feb. 28 election. There are six Green and 23 Republican candidates to choose from. The G.O.P. ticket will include Rick Perry, who ended his campaign earlier this month, and at the top of the list is Donald Benjamin, one of many political unknowns on this year’s ballot.

Maricopa County residents can visit the County Recorder's website or call 602-506-1511 for more information. Residents of other counties can visit the Arizona Secretary of State's guide to registering.

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