Bill to ban texting while driving motors on

January 26, 2012

A proposal to ban texting while driving around Arizona has won the approval of a state House committee. From Phoenix, KJZZs Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: The measure would prohibit drivers from sending or receiving texts or emails while in motion. If they did, they’d face a $50 fine, but the fine would jump to 200 bucks if they were involved in an accident.  The ban would not apply to emergency workers, or drivers who’d pulled to the side of the road, or stopped at a stop sign or traffic light.  Gilbert Republican Steve Urie is the bill’s sponsor.

STEVE URIE: If you are moving, do not text. It’s as simple as that. Your right to text ends where my bumper begins, and I really don’t want you plowing into me, but I’m not going to stop people from texting at the intersection.

BRODIE: Several cities and towns around the state have approved, or are considering their own bans on texting while driving. Urie says that’s one of the reasons Arizona needs a uniform, statewide law, so drivers know what is and is not allowed.

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