Obama praises Intel's massive investment

January 25, 2012

President Obama stood in front of one of the largest construction cranes in the world Wednesday and praised the high-tech manufacturer Intel for creating new jobs. As KJZZ’s Peter O’Dowd reports, the president was in Arizona on a national tour promoting his vision for the economy.

President Barack Obama at Intel President Barack Obama spoke at Intel in Chandler on Wedesday. (Photo by Peter O'Dowd - KJZZ)

PETER O'DOWD: President Obama’s speech sounded a lot like Tuesday’s State of the Union address. He called for tax reforms to reward businesses that stay on US soil. He stressed the importance of training a new generation of high-skilled workers. Mr. Obama also commended Intel for investing $5 billion in its Fab 42 manufacturing plant. The factory will make computer chips for things like cell phones and automobiles.  

PRESIDENT OBAMA: As an American, I’m proud of companies like Intel who create jobs here. We all are. So let’s help them grow and hire even faster.

 O'DOWD: This was the second-stop in the president’s five-state tour.  Next up: Las Vegas and Denver. For KJZZ, I’m Peter O’Dowd. 

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