This CEO Went From Valeting Cars To Running The Phoenix-Area's Largest Software Firm

Published: Monday, April 1, 2019 - 2:09pm
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Odds are, if you’re talking on a “landline” phone these days, it’s actually what’s called VOIP — or voice-over-protocol, which means that your call is really being hosted over the internet.

Well, one of the first companies to do this was founded in Arizona.

Nextiva is based in Scottsdale and was started in 2007 by Tomas Gorny, a Polish immigrant who’s grown the company into what it is today. Last year, it landed in the number one spot on the Phoenix Business Journal’s list of the largest software firms.

But Gorny said he didn’t make it happen by focusing on the bottom line. Instead, it’s all about the customers and, as all good entrepreneurs will tell you, finding a problem that needs solving.

The Show sat down with Gorny to find out more.

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