Arizona Bald Eagle Pair's Egg Expected To Hatch Soon After Loss Of 3 Other Eggs

By Mythili Gubbi
Published: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 7:59am
Updated: Friday, March 29, 2019 - 8:42am

bald eagle nest
Arizona Game and Fish Department
An image from Arizona Game and Fish Department’s bald eagle camera at Lake Pleasant.

After a bald eagle couple near Lake Pleasant lost three eggs to ravens and ring tail cats, their final egg of this breeding season is ready to hatch. People have been able to follow along live with a camera set up by the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

“This year’s been an exciting year with a lot of things changing and I think everyone right now has got their fingers crossed that this egg is still going to hatch here in the next handful of days,” said Kenneth Jacobson, the raptor management coordinator. He added that the bald eagle cam gives people an opportunity to watch wildlife up close.

“I think it gives folks a unique look into the nesting lives of a bald eagle. Everyone pretty much knows what a bald eagle is, but not everyone gets that real close up look of an eagle nesting, especially on a cliff," he continued.

The mom has bred at the nest for the past five years, but its the first time with this male. Earlier this year, this male eagle ousted her previous mate. While new-father was still figuring out his role, the couple lost both eggs of the first clutch and the first egg of the second clutch. If this egg doesn't hatch, it'll be the first time in six years that that hasn't happened for this female.

The nest at Lake Pleasant has been a successful area for breeding eaglets.

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