Arizona voter registration numbers down

January 24, 2012

Arizona has lost more than 27,000 registered voters since the fall, and about 63 percent of them were Democrats.  From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.


MARK BRODIE: The new voter registration numbers released by the Secretary of State’s office show approximately 3.136 million voters in Arizona. Officials attribute the drop from October, at least in part, to counties taking inactive voters off the rolls. There are more Republicans in Arizona than there are members of any other voting group. And, Independents still outnumber Democrats by almost 76,000, but all three groups are smaller than the last count. In October, there were almost 975,000 registered Democrats, now there are close to 956,000. Independents lost about 3,900 voters during the same period, and the GOP is down 5,200.

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