Special elections to replace Giffords could start in April

January 23, 2012

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ planned resignation will set off a chain of elections to name a new member of Congress from southern Arizona by the end of July. KJZZ’s Al Macias reports.

The Secretary of State’s office says state law requires the governor to call a special primary and general election within 72 hours after Representative Giffords resigns

Governor Brewer has said she expects the special primary to take place in April with the special general election in June. That election would be for the current congressional District 8.

The new member of Congress would fill the remainder of Giffords’ term until the end of the year.

Whoever the winner is in the special election would not even have time to take their campaign signs down. They would begin preparing for the regularly scheduled primary election in August, followed by the general election in November. That election would be for the newly configured district, which like all nine Arizona congressional districts, still needs final approval from the U.S. Justice Department.


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