Poll: Occupy, Tea Party movements lose respect in Arizona

January 20, 2012

A new public opinion poll shows Arizonans are increasingly dissatisfied with the Occupy Wall Street Movement and the Tea Party. KJZZ’s  Peter O’Dowd reports.

PETER O’DOWD: Behavior Research Center Pollster Jim Haynes says the our growing displeasure for these political movements is equal opportunity.

JIM HAYNES: I think we’re seeing it in a lot of other states around the country, this move to moderation. Quit lobbing hand grenades at each other.

O’DOWD: Haynes says the growing number of registered independent voters means Arizona is more moderate. Negative opinion toward the tea party deepened from 35 percent last October, to 41 percent today. Both Republicans and Democrats looked less favorably on that movement. Likewise, unfavorable views of the Occupy Wall Street Movement rose to 45 percent. That’s up about 7 points from last fall. For KJZZ, I’m Peter O’Dowd. 


Rocky Mountain Poll of Arizona Voters

 Oct. 2011Jan. 2012
Occupy Wall StreetFavorableUnfavorableFavorableUnfavorable
Tea PartyFavorableUnfavorableFavorableUnfavorable

Source: Behavior Research Center

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