Light Flu Season in Arizona So Far

January 19, 2012

The State Department of Health Services says Arizona’s flu season continues to be relatively mild. From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Steve Goldstein reports.

STEVE GOLDSTEIN: In the first week of 2012, the Department of Health Services documented seven confirmed cases of influenza—which occurred in four Arizona counties. Will Humble, DHS Director, says the flu vaccine matches the current strain very well.  But he says the flu often peaks in Arizona late in January and into February, so there’s still time to get a flu shot.

WILL HUMBLE: Pharmacies now are able to provide vaccine and pharmacists actually administer the vaccine.  That really made it a lot easier for folks to get routine flu vaccinations, because the lines are pretty much gone and it’s so much more convenient.  I think that’s really working in our favor.

 STEVE GOLDSTEIN: During the last flu season, Arizona recorded 1,561 official cases of the virus.

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