With Eye on Arizona, Obama to Visit Phoenix

January 18, 2012

President Obama will be in Phoenix next week. His re-election campaign is focusing on Arizona, but pollsters are skeptical he’ll be able to win the state.

O'DOWD: The president’s five-state tour comes to Phoenix Wednesday. That’s right after next week’s State of the Union address. Obama received 45 percent of Arizona’s vote in 2008. And without hometown Senator John McCain on the ballot, the Obama campaign thinks it has a shot in 2012. Tempe-based Public Opinion Researcher Michael O’Neil says the campaign might be right. 

MIKE O'NEIL: If you look at all the states that he lost last time, the only one he has a prayer in is Arizona.

O'DOWD: It will still be a struggle to win here. And O’Neil says it all depends on the economy. If unemployment starts to move downward, Obama has a chance in Arizona. The campaign will also stop in Cedar Rapids, Detroit, Denver and Las Vegas. For KJZZ, I’m Peter O’Dowd. 

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