Jon Huntsman Left Off Republican Primary Ballot in Arizona

January 10, 2012

Arizona Republicans voting in next month’s presidential primary will likely find some unfamiliar names on the ballot--and one major candidate left off. Former ambassador and Utah Governor Jon Huntsman wasn’t eligible.

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office had a drawing to randomly determine the order of Republicans on the primary ballot. Take a look.

Huntsman faxed the paperwork required to get on the ballot, even though Arizona law requires an original signature and the stamp of a notary. Secretary of State Ken Bennett said the rules are clear.

“Personally, I’d be happy to see Governor Huntsman’s name on the ballot so that every Arizona Republican will have the opportunity to choose from all of the candidates," said Bennett. "But we also have to be consistent in the way we administer the statutes.”

Bennett says Huntsman’s campaign will have to challenge the decision very quickly. Ballots go to the printer this week so they can make it to overseas military personnel in time.

The candidate at the top of the ballot is Donald Benjamin. He’s an academic adviser at Phoenix College who’s admitted to voting for President Barack Obama in 2008.

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