Effort Seeks Cattle Donations For South Dakota

By Dennis Lambert
Published: Monday, October 21, 2013 - 9:57am
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A rancher in Montana is spearheading an effort to help cattle ranchers in South Dakota recover after an early winter storm that devastated many of their herds. Ty Linger, organizer of “Heifers for South Dakota,” is asking ranchers in Arizona and elsewhere if they can spare a cow to replace some of the 100,000 that were lost in the storm.

“There will be very, very few cattle within the affected area for sale,” Linger said. “These folks are going to be going a couple hundred miles at least to find quality cattle that they can use to replenish their herd.”

Linger says for those who are not in a position to donate breeding stock, monetary donations will help cover the expense of transporting animals to those who need them most.  

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