Phoenix St. Mary's Food Bank Preparing For Another Potential Government Shutdown

By Matt Kling
Published: Monday, January 28, 2019 - 2:33pm
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Casey Kuhn/KJZZ
St. Mary's Food Bank workers preparing food for TSA agents near Sky Harbor Airport during the federal shutdown in early January 2019.

During the partial government shutdown that lasted throughout most of January, St. Mary's Food Bank and Alliance provided food to government workers in need — on top of those the agency serves on a daily basis.

Now St. Mary's is bracing for another possible shutdown, as the stopgap bill only lasts for three weeks.

Jerry Brown is a spokesperson for St. Mary's. He said most of the food distributed to government workers came from backup stockpiles.

“If the government shutdown happens again three weeks from now," Brown said, "obviously we’re going to have to be digging even further into those reserves."

He said the agency is preparing to help more people again, including people that may lose food stamps, or SNAP benefits, in the next shutdown if it were to last months.

"This gives us a three-week time to take our breath," Brown said, "and hope that we can re-stock in some ways."

Brown said the agency is seeking both food and cash donations. He said food donations can be dropped off at both of St. Mary's distribution centers as well as Goodwill stores.