Cold Front To Cause Scattered Showers Christmas Day In Phoenix Area

Published: Tuesday, December 25, 2018 - 11:07am

Phoenix-area residents woke up Christmas morning to a large brown cloud of smoke and dust hanging over much of Phoenix, but rain forecast for later in the day could help clean up the air.

The National Weather Service in Phoenix says there’s a 30 percent chance for rain this afternoon, and a 40 percent chance tonight.

“The East Valley has a much better chance of seeing more widespread rain than the West Valley, said Meteorologist Chris Kuhlman.

The Valley will likely see scattered showers, he said. 

“If it does rain across the majority of the area, it should wash out quite a bit of that particulate matter in the air.”

Another system, expected to arrive on Thursday, is forecast to bring winds, and another chance for rain, which may also help clear the smog, he said.

Rain clouds will start to form as a cold front moves in from the Northwest.

“When the cold front starts to come through the area later today, we’ll start to see some showers developing,” Kuhlman said.

Some thunder is possible, but no flooding is expected.

“More so what we’re worried about would be cold temperatures behind these systems later on this week,” Kuhlman said.

It’s pretty likely the National Weather Service will issue freeze warnings for some parts of the Valley in the coming days, he said.

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