Once Deemed Incompetent To Stand Trial, Can You Be 'Restored' To Competency?

Published: Monday, December 17, 2018 - 1:16pm
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We’ve all heard the phrase, “competent to stand trial” — but what does it really mean?

The Constitution says that you have to be competent to be tried in a court of law. And, in a new investigation for the Arizona Republic, reporter Michael Kiefer takes a closer look at a program here in Maricopa County that aims to “restore” people to competency.

It’s called the Restoration to Competency Program (RTC), and it was established by Maricopa County in 2003 to try to determine if someone is fit to stand trial in a more efficient way.

It’s for people who have been accused of a crime, but have not yet faced trial, and, according to Kiefer, it’s often a revolving door for those who end up in it.

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