'Tis The Season For The Annual Battle Of The Camelback Mountain Christmas Tree

Published: Friday, December 14, 2018 - 2:49pm
Updated: Friday, December 14, 2018 - 2:54pm
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Christmas time in Phoenix means cactus with lights, outdoor skating rinks and the annual battle of the Camelback Mountain Christmas tree.

Each year, John Cressey, also known as Camelback Santa, goes against the city of Phoenix when he carries a pine tree up to the top of Camelback Mountain for the holiday season.

The city has a “leave no trace” protocol, hoping to inspire hikers to be mindful of what they leave behind on Arizona trails, and a Christmas tree — they say — it leaves a trace.

So Cressey decided this year he would only use ornaments made of birdseed and carry the tree down each night so that, he thought, everyone can be happy. But, alas, two days in a row, someone has thrown the tree off the side of the mountain.

Now, if you’re on the side of the tree trasher, you’re probably not alone, but Cressey says there’s some proof that people find his annual tree antics popular, he says somewhere near 1000 photos per day are taken with the tree.

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