Why We All Need To Know About The Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 1:14pm
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There are some races we probably all knew about heading into Tuesday’s election — like the race for Arizona governor, or Kyrsten Sinema’s battle with Martha McSally for Arizona’s open Senate seat.

But, as you got further down your ballot, you were asked to vote to decide another race — the Central Arizona Water Conservation District Board, also called the Central Arizona Project board.

There were 14 non-partisan candidates running for five open seats on the 15-member board. And, turnout for that race not surprisingly doesn’t appear like it was very high.

But Rhett Larson, an associate professor of law at ASU and a senior research fellow at the Kyl Center for Water Policy, says it’s an incredibly important body that we all should know more about.

He joined The Show and outlined exactly why the Central Arizona Project board is so essential.

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