GOP Sues Arizona County Recorders Over Vote Counting Procedures

Published: Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 12:41pm
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Wednesday night, four county Republican parties filed a lawsuit against all of Arizona’s county recorders, claiming the recorders don’t follow a uniform standard for counting ballots and resolving issues like signature mismatches.

This suit comes as the gap between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Kyrsten Sinema remains at just 17,000 votes, a fraction of the 1.7 million ballots cast.

McSally maintains the lead, but the race is still too close to call, with more than 600,000 votes still outstanding.

Election officials estimate it’ll take several more days to wrap up the count.

In the meantime, more lawsuits could roll in.

Joe Kanefield, former elections director for the state and currently an attorney in election and campaign finance law, joined The Show to break it down.

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