Katie Hobbs On Why She Is Fit To Be Secretary Of State

Published: Thursday, October 18, 2018 - 3:15pm
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Arizona’s current Secretary of State Michele Reagan was knocked out in August’s primary, so a new secretary will take office in January.

The position’s most important duty is running the state’s elections, but it’s also the second-highest post behind governor.

Over the past three decades or so, three secretaries of state have been elevated to governor when the ninth floor office holder didn’t complete his or her term.

The Republican nominee for secretary of state is Steve Gaynor. He decided not to talk to The Show, but the Democratic nominee Katie Hobbs did.

The Show spoke with her about the job and some of her other views — just in case she were to become governor.

We started by asking why she thinks she would be the right fit to be secretary of state.

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