New Poll Find More Than Half Think They Might Develop Alzheimer's Disease

Published: Monday, September 24, 2018 - 9:27am

A new poll of more than 1,000 people found that half are worried they might develop Alzheimer’s disease.

The survey was done on behalf of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and two pharmaceutical companies. Fifty-four percent of people polled said they’re worried they might develop Alzheimer’s disease.

Dr. William Burke, of the Banner Alzheimer’s Institute, thinks that figure reflects the increasing awareness that Alzheimer’s is a growing problem. Despite that, 55 percent said they believe a cure will be developed in their lifetime. Here’s Burke.

"I’m hopeful that will be true. And in fact the National Alzheimer’s Plan that we are going to have a disease modifying therapy by 2025 so we are under pressure to get to that point."

But, he says, that’s not a cure. The survey also found 77 percent are willing to participate in medical research to find that cure.

"And the motivations are not only people want something that would help them, but this is the disease where people really see that it runs in the family to some extent and they’re very interested in doing something about this for their children, for their grandchildren," said Burke.

However, the poll found 67 percent of those surveyed have no idea how to get involved in medical research.

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