Navajo Generating Station Continues To Face Uncertain Future

Published: Friday, September 21, 2018 - 11:20am
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Andrew Bernier/KJZZ
The Navajo Generating Station a coal-burning power plant near Page, Arizona.

The largest coal power plant in the Western U.S., the Navajo Generating Station, plans to shut down in 2019, that is, unless another buyer can be found.

NGS did have interest from New York-based Avenue Capital and Chicago-based Middle River Power, but on Thursday it was announced that deal had fallen through, saying there were too many challenges to overcome.

Percy Deal, a Navajo and retired rancher on Black Mesa, is one member of the Navajo Nation that is pleased about this development. The Show reached him on his ranch in northern Arizona near the Kayrenta Mine.

Deal says he believes the 500 megawatt transmission line that the Navajo Nation currently owns as part of the power station could be used to sell energy throughout the state. He feels there are clean energy alternatives available right now that, he said, would produce jobs for the Navajo Nation.

And, as far as he is concerned, he feels that the day NGS closes is a day the Navajo Nation can celebrate.

To discuss the dissolution of the Middle River sale, Ryan Randazzo, business reporter for the Arizona Republic, also joined The Show.

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