Proponents Question New Ballot Wording On Arizona's Clean Energy Initiative

Published: Wednesday, September 19, 2018 - 2:37pm
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Backers of the Clean Energy for a Healthy Arizona initiative have fought — and won — court challenges over its so-called “misleading language,” and now there’s new back-and-forth on the wording of this.

State elections director Eric Spencer crafted the language describing the initiative that made it to the ballot but, it turns out, Brunn Roysden, a key aide to Attorney General Mark Brnovich, has altered that language. He spoke about it to Capitol Media Services.

"We're responsible for describing how the law or the Constitution is changed," he said. "And we have a responsibility to accurately describe how the law or Constitution will change if a ballot measure is enacted."

Jim Barton, an attorney that represents Clean Energy for Healthy Arizona, said he is not pleased with the change, and he is suspicious about the new language that found its way into an APS-funded commercial against the initiative so soon after it was released.

The initiative is aimed at creating a constitutional amendment to create 50 percent renewable energy in the state by 2030.

For more on this war of words, Capitol Media Service’s Howie Fischer joined The Show.

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