Center For The Political Future Wants To Advance 'Functional Politics'

Published: Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 12:49pm
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There isn’t an algorithm — at least not yet — to measure just how divided the American electorate is and whether it’s more divided than ever before in modern history.

But it’s become clearer to many that the current political system isn’t set up to reward compromise or crossing the aisle. Instead, the system is as much about winning and losing as possible. And that has dramatically permeated what occurs behind the scenes, where politicians used to often try and work together in a civil way — even if they ultimately didn’t vote the same way.

To counteract this environment, the University of Southern California introduced the Center for the Political Future. Longtime Democratic strategist Robert Shrum is the director and longtime Republican consultant Mike Murphy is co-director.

They both joined The Show to talk about what they’ve seen develop and lead to the current state of American politics.

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