Republicans Told Nixon To Resign — Will They Do The Same To Trump?

Published: Monday, September 10, 2018 - 12:57pm
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President Richard Nixon and President Donald Trump.

Comparisons between the Trump and Nixon administrations have been happening since the early days of 2017, when President Donald Trump first entered the White House.

There’s a huge difference in the level of experience the two brought to the Oval Office, but some have argued that both men carried a similar disdain for the institutions of government.

President Richard Nixon ultimately left the White House under the cloud of Watergate when some of his fellow Republican elected officials let him know he no longer had much support and it was time for him to resign. Two of those officials were Arizona Sen. Barry Goldwater and Arizona Congressman John Rhodes.

Is there an appetite in the current GOP to tell President Trump something similar?

The Show spoke with Michael Koncewicz, assistant research scholar at New York University and author of "They Said No to Nixon: Republicans Who Stood Up to the President’s Abuses of Power."

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