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Questions our reporters have answered:

Q&AZ: How much debris is the Fiesta Mall demolition creating?
Mesa’s Fiesta Mall has been undergoing demolition since July. Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked: How much debris the former mall is creating? And where does it all end up?
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Nov. 27, 2023
Q&AZ: Who is responsible for cleaning up metro Phoenix freeways?
The Arizona Department of Transportation has hired a new contractor to clean up trash along east Maricopa County freeways, but some areas remain littered.
Nov. 27, 2023
Q&AZ: Do license restrictions carry over to AZ?
Through our Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked: What should I do if I'm moving to Arizona and have a restricted driver's license in my home state?
Nov. 14, 2023
What happens to CALIPSO satellite after 17 years?
In 2006, NASA and France’s National Centre for Space Studies launched a satellite named CALIPSO. Through KJZZ's Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked: Now that the satellite’s mission is over after 17 years orbiting Earth, what will happen to it?
Oct. 23, 2023
Q&AZ: Why isnt there an Exit 6 going northbound on SR 51?
Through KJZZ’s Q&AZ reporting project, a listener asked: Why isn’t there an Exit 6 going northbound on Arizona State Route 51? It all comes down to naming conventions and location.
Oct. 30, 2023