KJZZ Contest Winner Reflects on the KJZZ Beatles London Trip

I’m Judith Sadre and I was the lucky winner of two spots on KJZZ's Beatles Come Together Experience during the member drive giveaway in October 2017. My friend, Ellen Dean, and I, packed our bags and headed out on a journey we will never forget.

Under the direction of our charming hosts, Scott Williams and Linda Pastori, our travel group hustled through the streets of London on foot, by tube and by bus. We visited many of the landmarks where the aura of the Beatles still remains. I guess you could say we were in search of the soundtrack of our lives. I thought I could hear their music playing everywhere we went. I imagined I could smell incense burning in the air.

The streets of London vibrated with life; flags, flowers, and colorful decorations abounded. Despite the heavy traffic, everything seemed to move in an orderly, efficient way. That is not to say there were no security concerns. In fact, the BBC suspended tours of their headquarters and the iconic Westminster Abbey was closed to the public. Armed police stood guard behind low black barricades in front of the buildings of the Abbey.

The train trip to Liverpool was like a sacred pilgrimage. After a tour of the Beatles Museum, we downed exotic Indian food at George Harrison’s favorite restaurant. Who would think a bunch of cowpokes from Arizona would lap up that spicy cuisine? If George Harrison could do it, so could we.

We were a diverse group of travelers who bonded over a shared experience of our love of the Beatles and their music. The lyrics of Penny Lane say it all: "Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes / There beneath the blue suburban skies."

Five days of sun and fun in Great Britain. It didn't rain the whole time. I want to express my deepest gratitude to Scott and Linda and KJZZ for doing what you do so well!

Judith Sadre

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