Brewer taking a wait-and-see approach to DOJ report

December 16, 2011

Governor Jan Brewer says yesterday’s report by the U.S. Justice Department does not validate fears that SB 1070 would lead to racial profiling. Among other findings, the feds accuse the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office of engaging in racial profiling. The governor says Arizonans will have to wait and see what happens.

JAN BREWER: I’m monitoring it, and I’m interested, of course, and again, I think everybody’s concern is that we don’t want anybody’s civil rights violated. And that has always been a big concern to me. And, I know that Sheriff Arpaio will have the opportunity to respond, and then we will move on from there.

 The Justice Department has given Arpaio’s office until January 4th to decide whether he’ll work with the federal agency to correct problems.  Arpaio said yesterday he plans to do that.

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