Vermont Rep. Pushes For Stronger Protections For Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Published: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - 12:19pm
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Early this year, at the Arizona State Capitol, we saw the #MeToo movement play out when state representative Don Shooter was expelled from the legislature by his fellow representatives for allegations of sexual misconduct.

That’s what a lot of the conversations in state legislatures have looked like in the #MeToo era, and that’s what motivated Vermont state Representative Sarah Copeland-Hanzas to work for more.

She introduced legislation that will help victims through many of the restrictions they traditionally encounter in filing sexual harassment claims, legislation that Vermont's governor just signed.

It addresses things like pre-employment contracts, creates an enforcement mechanism and makes Vermont one of the first states in the country to make it easier for workers to keep their jobs after settling a sexual harassment claim.

The Show spoke with Rep. Copeland-Hanzas about this, asking her about how this law will help those who have traditionally had little recourse: Volunteers, interns and independent contractors.

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