Gov. Brewer Proposes Cash for AZ Tourism

December 16, 2011

Governor Jan Brewer wants to use some of the surplus cash coming into the state to promote tourism. The agency has had its budget slashed over the past few years, and currently relies on tax revenue for its operations.  From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Mark Brodie reports.

MARK BRODIE: The governor proposes giving the state office of tourism seven million dollars in the next fiscal year…she says that would allow it to expand its marketing to national and international levels.  Brewer cited China, South Korea and Brazil as potential new markets. Sherry Henry, who runs the tourism office, says the cash would be a big deal.

SHERRY HENRY: "What this money will do for the Arizona Office of Tourism and this industry is it will make us more competitive in the national and the international world. Our budget has been ranked number 30, in terms of overall budget throughout the country. This will push us up to about 15 or 16, and this can make us competitive."

MARK BRODIE: Brewer says tourism is a vital part of Arizona’s economy, and that the money will help shore the industry up.

JAN BREWER: They can plant their feet, and they can move forward with the plans that we all know they need to be able to get the message out about how great Arizona is, and to be able to advertise and travel and make contact.

MARK BRODIE: The governor says she hasn’t spoken with legislative leaders about whether they’d go along with giving the tourism office the money, but house appropriations committee chairman John Kavanagh says he’d support it.

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