ASU Researches Football Concussions In New In-Depth Study

By Steve Goldstein
Published: Monday, June 11, 2018 - 2:51pm
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The National Football League is facing serious questions about how the game is played and what changes it may have to make to have a sustainable future. A lot of that is related to health concerns and the impact frequent concussions have had on the brains of former players.

Boston University has been studying the donated brains, and 110 of 111 deceased players were found to have chronic traumatic encephalopathy — a degenerative brain disease.

Recently, an investigative reporting team from the Cronkite School at Arizona State University dug more deeply into former Arizona Cardinals players who are suing the NFL for potentially concussion-related health problems.

The man who led that team is Walter Robinson, visiting professor at the Cronkite School and former editor of The Boston Globe Spotlight Team.

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