An Arizona Reverend Speaks Out Against Removing Evolution In Science Standards

Published: Tuesday, May 29, 2018 - 3:47pm
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Last week, Superintendent of Public Instruction Diane Douglas announced she intends to limit the use of the word “evolution” in Arizona high schools.

This came after a committee of 100 educators, parents and community members took more than a year to review and put together new science standards. The superintendent’s announcement took them by surprise.

Douglas hopes to eliminate references to evolution entirely from existing high school science standards, replacing them with terms like "biological diversity.” Any mention of evolution would also be referred to as “the theory of evolution” going forward.

Then, on Monday, Gov. Doug Ducey told reporters he believes evolution should remain part of the science standards for public high schools, saying the biblical concept of creation should be separate from science classes.

Rev. David Felten of The Fountains United Methodist Church in Fountain Hills would be more inclined to agree with the governor than the state schools superintendent and was with The Show to explain why.

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