Prosecutors asked to investigate senate recall signs

December 14, 2011

The Arizona Secretary of State’s office is asking state prosecutors to investigate who was behind mysterious campaign signs in the recall election of Senator Russell Pearce.  The signs failed to include who paid for them--a violation of state election law.  From Phoenix, KJZZ’s Paul Atkinson reports.

The green and white signs said “Si se Puede” Olivia Cortes, State Senate and in quotes along the bottom “I will represent the people.”  Cortes had been recruited by Tea Party members hoping she would help Senator Russell Pearce survive the recall election.  After Cortes disclosed in court that she didn’t know who paid for the signs or put them up, Secretary of State spokesman Matt Robert says his office began investigating.

MATT ROBERTS  “If they aren’t specifically created by the candidate and put out by the candidate then they do have to have this paid for disclosure on there.  The public had the right to know who is trying to influence their elections.”

Roberts says a reasonable cause notice was sent to the Attorney Generals office after Cortes final campaign finance report failed to disclose any spending on signs.  Whoever is responsible faces up to a thousand dollar fine. For KJZZ, I’m Paul Atkinson.

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