Should Arizona Foster Parents Have To Lock Up Their Guns?

Published: Monday, April 23, 2018 - 3:14pm
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Foster parents in Arizona have to comply with a lot of rules in their homes, from rules that govern how tall their pool fence has to be, to rules that require them to lock up their cleaning supplies.

But should they also have to comply with rules that regulate how they keep guns in their homes?

Mary Jo Pitzl with the Arizona Republic has spent months digging into our state’s child welfare system and one issue that’s come up recently is the debate over guns in foster homes.

A bill that was passed through a House committee in the state Legislature earlier this year would have required the state to strike all gun laws restrictions from its foster home rules, because state law prohibits agencies from enacting their own gun rules.

But the restrictions that exist now aim to keep foster children safe — and seem to be working. The Show sat down with Pitzl to talk more about the debate surrounding this.

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