Environmental Groups Continue Fight Against Border Wall

Published: Wednesday, April 11, 2018 - 2:36pm
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Michel Marizco/KJZZ
The border wall.

This week, National Guard troops from Arizona and other states have started moving south to reinforce and support the U.S Border Patrol. In the meantime, another part of President Donald Trump’s border security plan is also underway — the border wall.

Federal authorities began construction this week on a 20-mile section of the border wall near Santa Teresa in New Mexico. Since it's inception, Environmental groups have challenged the Trump administration’s right to build the wall, saying the administration cannot waive a host of environmental laws to rush construction of the wall.

Earlier this year, a U.S. District Court judge ruled the administration does have the authority to waive those laws and proceed with construction, which is now being appealed.

But as the lawsuits continue, construction is underway. The Southwest Environmental Center, which is based in New Mexico, is one of the groups that sued the Trump administration to challenge its waiver of environmental laws there.

Kevin Bixby, the center’s executive director, spoke with The Show about their efforts.

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