Why Equipping Classrooms With Technology Is A Difficult Process

Published: Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 4:24pm
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Apple just unveiled a brand new, more affordable version of its iPad tablet at its education event in Chicago last month — Apple’s answer to Google’s Chromebooks, which, according to CNET, have edged out the iPad to become the go-to gadgets in America’s classrooms.

It’s a race to the classroom for tech companies, but the process of sourcing technology for schools is more complicated than one might think.

From difficulties in the procurement process, to large disparities in pricing and challenges when it comes to school funding, education technology is a fraught process for many school districts according to Hal Friedlander, Co-Founder and CEO of the Technology for Education Consortium.

The Show's Lauren Gilger reached out to him to talk more about it, and they started by laying out how technology is currently being used in schools. And, we’re not talking about textbooks and chalkboards anymore...

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