How Businesses Are Affected By No Daylight Savings In Arizona

Published: Friday, October 31, 2014 - 5:06pm
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Valley residents will not “fall back” this weekend. Unlike most states, Arizona does not utilize daylight savings time to stay in synch with the sun.

For most of the state, clocks haven’t changed since the 60s. That’s in part due to Arizona’s hot climate, which is easier to bear when the sun goes down.

But this choice can have different effects on Valley businesses.

Bob Hollis owned the Apache Drive In in Phoenix.  He said drive-in operators have long opposed Daylight Savings Time.

For others in the entertainment business, changing clocks would actually help boost the bottom line.

Daryl Crawford is the General Manager of Papago Golf Course. He said the way things are does allow him to save some money on greens-keeping crew costs, but he would rather golfers have more time to get in an extra nine.

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