Arizona Lawmakers Seek $177,000 For Signs To Get Out Of Fast Lane

Published: Friday, February 16, 2018 - 6:02pm

Some Arizona lawmakers want to spend more than $177,000 on signs that will tell drivers to get out of the fast lane. The measure includes another $18,000 each year to maintain them. 

Arizona law already states that drivers must stay on the right side of the road unless passing someone. And that left some opponents like House Democrat Isela Blanc wondering why money needs to be spent on signs. She asked her Republican colleague House Majority Leader John Allen this: "Do you know what to do when you're driving? Or do you need a sign to let you know that you need to move over to the right lane?"

Allen said he came from a state where it was clear that people are supposed to stay out of the left lane.

"Having a suggestion that slower traffic keep to the right so that faster traffic can pass is probably in the best interest of both safety and the mental stability of people who want to go faster," Allen said.

The measure still needs a final roll call vote before going to the Senate.

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