What Responsibility Does Law Enforcement Take In 'Swatting' Incidents?

Published: Wednesday, January 3, 2018 - 3:44pm
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On Dec. 28 in Wichita, Kansas, a 28-year old, father of two stepped outside his home to see what the police activity was about.

Soon after, he was shot dead by police thinking he was armed. Andrew Finch became the first death due to “swatting.”

The FBI estimates there are 400 incidents of “swatting” every year.

It's a term from the gaming world and means setting in motion a prank or physical threat against a victim by calling 911 to trigger a police SWAT team response.

So what responsibility does law enforcement take in incidents like this?

Joining us is Robert Weisberg, faculty co-director of the Stanford Criminal Justice Center.

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