McConnell: McSally Great Candidate For Senate

By Will Stone
Published: Friday, December 22, 2017 - 4:36pm

Congresswoman Martha McSally is one of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's key recruits in the battle for control of the Senate in 2018.

The comments came as a surprise because McSally hasn't officially jumped into the race yet.

McConnell dropped McSally's name is his year-end news conference when discussing some of his parties promising recruits for next year.

“We are going to be supporting people who can actually win. How many contest there will be between well-funded people who are sure losers and people who can win is hard to predict because recruiting season is not over," McConnell told reporters.

"But we have got some great candidates out there and you're familiar with them, Martha McSally …” he said.

It’s widely believed McSally, a Republican from Tucson, will run for Sen. Jeff Flake’s seat in 2018. The congresswoman recently told fellow Republicans she intends to enter the race.

McSally would face former state Sen. Kelli Ward in the GOP primary. Ward had already won the endorsement of Steve Bannon who has made it clear he hopes to replace what he calls establishment Republicans like McConnell.

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