APS Rolls Out New Rate Plans For 2018

Published: Friday, December 1, 2017 - 2:12pm
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Arizona Public Service Electric Company (APS) is rolling out new rate plans for 2018.

Changes to rate plans have been on the table since a June 2016 request by APS, asking the Arizona Corporation Commission for a comprehensive rate review.

Anna Stewart, spokeswoman for APS said six new service plans will be offered in the coming year. Three new premier plans offer round-the-clock pricing and there’s no peak-hour-usage charge. The other three plans do include time-of-use components. “But, our off-peak hours, which is every hour outside of that 3-8 p.m. window, energy charges are significantly lower,” Stewart said. “So if customers can shift their usage, they can actually save money by being on one of the saver choice family of plans.”

If a customer hasn’t selected a new service plan between February and April of 2018, they will automatically transition to one most similar to what they currently have.

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