Koch Brothers Finance TV Campaign For Arizona School Choice

Published: Friday, November 17, 2017 - 9:46am

A nonprofit funded in part by the Koch brothers is financing a six-figure TV campaign that’s meant to educate Arizonans about school choice.

The commercial features Arizona moms talking about the various options, from public and charter schools to private and home schooling.

But not everyone thinks the ad is about informing parents.

"So, on its face, it's totally innocuous," said Dawn Penich-Thacker, with Save Our Schools Arizona. "But when you start to ask what they're actually trying to promote, versus what they're not investing in, then I think their actual intentions are clear."

This isn't the Koch brothers first foray into the issue. Americans for Prosperity, another Koch-funded organization, has retained an attorney to keep the voucher measure off the 2018 ballot.